STEEL Engineering company

STEEL Engineering company was founded in 2009 in Kragujevac. The main activity is the design, manufacture and assembly of transportation equipment and steel structures. The imperative of the company is high-quality service and delivered products, respecting deadlines and a satisfied investor.

Design and 3D Modeling

We design all types of cranes and crane equipment, cargo platforms and lifts, internal transport systems, steel constructions.

Based on many years of experience in designing, we offer investors the optimal solution for the problems of transport, handling and storage.

Industrial cranes

We design, manufacture, install and commission all types of cranes from 100 kg to 30 tonnes. Single girder bridge cranes (with pendants or sockets); double girder gantry cranes (with pendants or sockets); gantry, semi-gantry, console cranes (with rotation angle of 90 to 360 degrees), wall console, monorail cranes. The cranes are equipped with aggregates of reputable manufacturers and are delivered as manual or electric ones, chained or with wire rope.

In addition, we perform: dismantling of the old equipment and assembly of the new equipment, repair and reconstruction of the existing equipment, servicing.

Freight elevators

We design, manufacture and install all types of freight elevators and platforms of 50 kg to 3 t capacity (freight, garage, lifting platforms, platforms for catering).

Depending on the needs of a customer, the elevators are installed inside a building or outside on the facade.


Design and manufacture of all types of conveyors and complete technological lines (roller, belt, chain, rail, lattice conveyors).

Steel Structures

Design, manufacture and installation of steel structures, production halls, transport system supporting structures, stairs and landings, roof construction and other steel constructions.